Wild Carrotby Admin

Wild Carrot or (Daucus carota) herb is found growing all around the world. It has long roots and white lace-like flowers. This biennial herb with it’s branching stem and tough white root  grows up to five feet high.

Wild Carrot is  highly nutritious and a diet of wild carrot is often prescribed for a brief time in the treatment of cancer, liver, kidney and bladder problems.  The strong tonic action on the liver and gall bladder make it an excellent choice for jaundice.  Often used in the treatment of  dropsy, gravel in the bladder, discomfort urinating and to increase menstrual flow.

Wild Carrot Blossoms

Carrot blossoms prepared as a tea are very beneficial in dropsy and often produce results where other herbs have failed. Grated carrots made into a poultice are excellent for ulcers, sores, carbuncles and wounds.

Precautions: Do not take carrot seed if you are pregnant.

Other names include: Queen Anne’s Lace, Birds Nest Weed