Cayenne Pepperby Admin

Cayenne is an herb that is one of the most powerful but is generally known as a spice that is used to bring up the heat in spicy foods.
Cayenne or Capsicum Annuum, can be grown in a variety of locations and need approximately 100 days to mature.  The powder is made from  dried pods of chilies. In addition to it’s use as a spicy food additive it is also used as a carminative, emetic and a decongestant for the elimination of mucus. It’s a good body cleanse and detox used to lose weight and offers health benefits to the stomach, heart, lungs,
kidneys, pancreas and spleen. Unlike black pepper it can be put in open wounds to promote healing.

Other common names include: Cayenne pepper, red pepper, capsicum, Spanish pepper, bird pepper, pod pepper, chillies, African pepper, chili pepper, African red pepper, cockspur pepper, American red pepper, garden pepper.