Adler Tree Is Used For Medicine

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The Adler tree (Alnus Glutinosa) with it’s greyish trunk renders the following medicinal properties: astringent, emetic, hemostatic, mucilaginous and tonic when the adler tree is used for medicine. The leaves as well as the bark are used when making teas or poultices to apply to all types of swellings on the body including poultices to dry up breast milk. Adler bark tea from dry bark is useful when used as a douche for hemorrhoids and fresh adler sap of the adler tree will offer relief from itching on the body.


For swellings, crush the leaves and apply to the swollen area. To make a wash for external application, take a heaping teaspoon of  crushed adler leaves to a pint of boiling water. Allow to steep for 30 minutes. Adler can be used as a poultice. Just  use just enough water so that the leaves are moist.

The fresh leaves of the adler are also very useful for burning and aching feet. Lay the leaves in the shoes under the bare feet. Afterwards,  soak the feet in a strong adler leaf tea made from freshly crushed leaves.

A decoction made from the dry bark can be used to relieve sore throats. Be aware that the fresh bark of the adler tree will cause vomiting.





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