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herbal_treatmentsAilments Herb Chart – Informational purposes only

A list of human ailments and the known uses of common herbs used for these conditions..Taking herbs on your own should not be done as a substitution for the services of a licensed practitioner and are not to be used in the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of any specific disease. Use of herbs for any ailment requires you to fully investigate the herb for efficacy, strength and dosage. Seek professional medical advice prior to use. To locate an experienced herbalist in your area, contact the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). To located a licensed naturopath in your area, contact the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).

Always use common sense and precaution.

Abscesses – Carrot, lobelia, mugwort, slippery elm, charcoal and potato (poultice).

Aches – Skullcap, motherwort, valerian, catnip, peppermint and angelica.

Acid Reflux – Beet greens to flush gallbladder.

Acne – Castor oil applied directly to skin condition for quick overnight relief.

Ague – Gentian root, sorrel, tansy, vervain, willow, broom and camomile.

Allergies – Salt and hydrochloric acid added to diet.

Alzheimers – Ashwagandha, turmeric, blue green algae, wild blueberries and omega 3.  Eliminate cooking with Teflon and aluminum utensils. Avoid both mercury and aluminum found in Flu Vaccinations and antiperspirants

Anemia – Comfrey, dandelion, fenugreek, barberry bark, agrimony, centaury, rasberry leaves, quassia chips.

Appendicitis – Buckthorn bark, vervain, water pepper and lady’s slipper.

Arthritis – Burdock Root, Flax, Turmeric, Nettle, Licorice, Ginger Tea, Magnesium, Dandelion Leaves, White Willow Tea, Eucalyptus Oil & Peppermint Blended. Make a poste of Castor Oil and tumeric or cayenne pepper.

Asthma – Black cohosh, comfrey, coltsfoot, horehound, hyssop, lobelia, masterwort, milkweed, mullein, myrrh, pleurisy root, prickly ash, saw palmetto berries, skunk cabbage, thyme, vervain, wild cherry, flaxseed, balm of Gilead, red root, red sage, boneset, cubeb berries,  elecampane and mustard seed oil.

Backache – Nettle, pennyroyal, tansy, uva-ursi, buchu, wood belony.

Baldness – Nettle (hair), rosemary (prevents hair from falling out), sage, peach, burdock and castor oil hair massage.

Bed Sores – Plantain, balm of Gilead, bayberry bark, bloodroot, witch hazel, golden seal.

Bed-Wetting – Plantain, St. John’s-wort, buchu, corn silk, cubeb berries, fennel seed, milkweed, wood betony, mullein, willow, hops, fennel.

Biliousness – Apple tree bark, senna, poke root, camomile, red sage, wood betony, queen of the meadow, hyssop, agrimony.

Bladder – Celandine, aloes, juniper berries, comfrey, apple tree bark, balm, beech, broom, carrot, camomile, cleavers, corn silk, cubeb berries, fleabane, golden seal, hydrangea, hyssop, nettle, peach leaves, birch, buchu and uva-ursi combined, pimpernel, queen of the meadow, sassafras, slippery elm, spearmint, sweet balm, uva-ursi, valerian, vervain, water pepper, white pond lily, wild alum root (pus in bladder), wintergreen, wood sage, yarrow, hemlock and bethroot.

Bleeding – Self-heal, mullein, shepherd’s purse, wild alum root, golden seal, blackberry leaves, comfrey, bayberry, uva-ursi and yellow dock.

Blood Poisoning – Chickweed, plantain, echinacea, golden seal, myrrh, burdock, bloodroot, water-pepper and golden seal.

Boils And Carbuncles – Balm (poultice), powdered bayberry bard (poultice), burdock, chickweed, comfrey, coral, flaxseed, hops, lobelia, origanum, slippery elm, sorrel, St. John’s-wort, turkey corn, white clover, white water lily, wintergreen, wood sage, echinacea, birch bark, plantain, wild cherry bark.

Bowel Problem – Water pepper, white pond lily, wintergreen, dandelion, wood sanicle, bethroot, chickweed, myrrh, witch hazel, echinacea, bayberry bark, birch, bitterroot, blue violet, caraway seeds (gas remedy), catnip (acid upset), chickweed, comfrey, coriander, cubeb berries, fenugreek, golden seal, gum arabic, hyssop, magnolia, masterwort, milkweed, mugwort, mullein, origanum, pilewort, rhubarb, rue, sage, sanicle, sassafras, slippery elm, spearmint, strawberry, sumach berries, tansy, vervain, marshmallow.

Breasts – Comfrey, parsley, St. John’s-wort and poke root (caked breasts)

Bronchitis – Chickweed, coltsfoot, cubeb berries, golden seal, lungwort, mullein, myrrh, white pine, pleurisy root, sanicle, saw palmetto berries, skunk cabbage, slippery elm, white pond lily, yerba santa, bloodroot, ginger, blue violet, bethroot, red root, red sage, elecampane, horehound and black cohosh.

Bruises And Cuts – Bugleweed (internal bruising), comfrey, lobelia, hysso, mugwort, giant Solomon’s seal, St. John’s-wort, ointment of bittersweet and camomile, pennyroyal, balm of Gilead, burnet.

Burns – Aloe Vera, bittersweet, burdock, calamus, chickweed, elder, poplar, onions (bruised) and comfrey.

Cancer – Blue violet (whole plant), chickweed, cleavers, coral, red clover mixed with blue violet, burdock root, yellow dock root, dandelion root, rock rose and golden seal, rock rose, slippery elm, sorrel, virgin’s bower, willow, wood sage, yellow dock, poplar, golden seal, poke root (both poultice and tea) comfrey, blue flag, myrrh, echinacea, aloes, gravel root, bloodroot, dandelion root, African cayenne, agrimony and wild Oregon grape.

Cardiovascular Disease – Walnuts

Cataracts – Foods rich in B2, B6, B12 and D. Glutathione helps reduce cloudy sight. Also a recipe: grind a few raw almonds into 1 cup of water, add 1/2 gram of black pepper, add honey to taste and drink once per day.

Chapped Lips – Just apply one or two drops of mustard oil on your belly button before retiring to bed and you will never have dry or chapped lips. This is an ancient remedy. Immediate remedies include: Coconut oil, honey (applied directly to lips), rose petal paste, castor mixed with glycerin and a few drops of lemon juice.

Chills – Cayenne pepper, bayberry bark tea with cayenne, myrica, peppermint, willow, peach, sage, catnip and lobelia.

Colon Trouble – Colombo, fireweed, fleabane, peppermint, vervain, aloes, slippery elm bark, bayberry bark, white oak bark, golden seal, myrrh.

Congestive Heart Failure – Boron, Jiaogulan, CoQ10, Thiamin (B1), Magnesium, L-Carnitine, Hawthorn, Cayenne.

Constipation – Balmony, buckthorn bark, cascara sagrada, chickweed, ginger, fennel seed, origanum, psyllium, white ash, elder, blue flag, wild Oregon grape, rhubarb root, butternut bark, licorice, calamus root and aloes. Increase water intake and add fiber to diet.

Corns / Calluses – Apply several Castor Oil application directly to corns and calluses for effective pain relief and healing remedy.

Cough – Blue violet, comfrey, coltsfoot, ginseng, horehound, hyssop, lungwort, myrrh, origanum, white pine, smartweed (water pepper), black cohosh, bloodroot, borage, flaxseed, marjoram, rosemary, spikenard, balm of Gilead, bethroot, red sage, tansy, wild cherry bark, mullein, golden seal, red clover blossoms, cubeb berries and skunk cabbage.

Dandruff – Burdock, nettle and sage and Castor Oil (Mix 2 teaspoons Castor Oil with an egg white and a teaspoon of glycerin, massage in hair and rinse).

Diabetes – Virgin Coconut Oil. Also, Click Here!

Diarrhea – Montmorillonite clay, agrimoney, comfrey, yellowroot, slippery elm, white oak, white willow, black walnut, green tea, red raspberry and mullein. Cinammon and strawberries are also helpful.

Digestion – Green tea, black tea.

Dizziness – Wood Betony, Ginko Biloba, Almonds, Bananas. Leafy Greens. The Epley procedure (see vertigo). Adrenal fatigue can cause dizziness when sitting up and indicate the need to increase foods high in magnesium, vitamin C and B.

Drowsiness – Add B1 to diet, passionflower, lavender, lemon balm, Ashwagandha, black tea (for the water soluable amino acid L-theannine).

Dry Eyes – omega-3 fatty acids such as flaxseed oil, palm oil, fatty fish like salmon, walnuts, chia seeds and soybean oil. C Gum Cellulose Eye Drops (Dr prescription required). Source:  Leiter’s Compounding in CA. Tel: 408-292-6772.

Earache – Hops, origanum, pimpernet, lemon juice (pure) and burnet.

Eczema – Balmony, beech, cleavers, dandelion, golden seal, nettle, strawberry leaves, willow, bloodroot, wild Oregon grape, poke root, white poplar bark, plantain, yellow dock, blue violet, origanum.

Erectile Dysfunction – Raw garlic cloves, onion, carrot and honey.

Eyesight – Eyebright, bilberry, fennel, ginkgo, coleus, cannabis, green tea and paprika.

Fever – Catnip, sage, shepherd’s purse, sumach berries, sweet balm, tansy, thyme, valerian, vervain, wahoo, wild cherry bark, willow, wintergreen, wood sage, wormwood, yarrow, borage, dandelion, Peruvian bark, apple tree bark, bitterroot, buckbean, camomile, cinchona bark, cleavers, colombo, butternut bark, calamus (intermittent fevers), coral, elder, fenugreek, fireweed, fit root, gentian root, hyssop, masterwort, lobelia (very good), magnolia, mandrake, nettle, parsley, pennyroyal, peppermint, pleurisy root, poplar, quassia, mugwort, cayenne, fringe tree, echinacea, angelica, yarrow (fever usually breaks up within 24 hrs.), sarsaparilla, red sage, boneset, lilly of the valley, cedron (intermittent fever), black cohosh, willow bark and willow leaves.

Fungus – Iodine, bicarbonate, neem, turpentine, oil of oregano and garlic.

Gas / Heartburn – Anise, calamus, caraway seed, catnip, dill, fennel, mint, origanum, peppermint, sage, sarsaparilla, sassafras, spearmint, thyme, wild yam, wintergreen, yarrow, ginger, nutmeg, valerian, angelica and wood belony.

General Health – Eliminate Gluten (Bread, etc.) and eat raw foods including Chlorella, Moringa, Spirulina, Mint, Beets, Matcha Green Tea, Wheatgrass, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Lemon, Coconut Water Also consider drinking a good Mineral Rich Shake similiar to: Click Here!

Gastrointestinal Bleeding – Licorice root, cayenne pepper and rhubarb.

Hair Loss – Black Seed Oil

Headache – Blue violet, catnip, coltsfoot, peppermint, rhubard, rosemary, rue, sweet balm, thyme, vervain, virgin’s bower, wood betony, elder, marjoram, calamint, pennyroyal, fringe tree, red root, holy thistle, mountain balm, yerba santa, camomile and tansy.

Heart Disease – Hawthorn, garlic, grapefruit and foods rich in selenium, niacin, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, lecithin.

High Blood Pressure – Broom, black cohosh, blue cohosh, virgin coconut oil, hyssop, wild cherry bark, valerian, vervain, sanicle, boneset, skullcap, aloe vera, golden seal and myrrh. Home Remedy: Home Remedy for High Blood Pressure: Drink Raw Beet Juice. Also, mix 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp ginger juice, 1 tsp cumin powder; take 2x per day.

Infections – Chickweed, plantain, echinacea, golden seal, myrrh, burdock, bloodroot, smartweed, golden seal and charcoal (poultice).

Itching – Buckthorn bark (make an ointment), origanum, virgin’s bower, yellow dock (very good), borage, marjoram, pennyroyal, plantain, poke root and chickweed.

Insomnia – Valerian root, hops, passion flower and marijuana.

Kidney Problems (Bright’s Disease) – Golden Seal mixed with peach leaves, queen of the meadow, clover and corn silk, saw palmetto berries, uva-ursi, wild alum root, yarrow, peach leaves and peppermint.

Lung Disorders – Sea salt, osha root, celery, eucalyptus, lungwort,  cabbage, oregano, cucumbers, plantain leaf,  spinach, elecampane, lobelia,  lettuce, chaparral and peppermint. Add lots of mixed ‘greens’ to diet.

Memory Loss – Klamath Blue Green Algae, ginseng, sage, rosemary, gingko biloba, and green tea.

Migraines – Wood betony. Avoid using or cooking in aluminum utensils.

Mucus Congestion – Anise seed, beth root, black cohosh root, balsam fir, cajeput oil, camphor (evergreen tree), colt’s foot, comfrey, couch grass, ecalyptus, fennel seed, horehound, hyssop, myrrh, peppermint, spearmint, speedwell, wild cherry bark, thyme and wild ginger. Also, take iodine.

Nightmares – Bugleweed, thyme, lily of the valley, catnip and peppermint.

Nosebleed – Witch hazel, wild alum root, buckthorn and bayberry bark, golden seal, ephedra valgaris (make tea & sniff up nose).

Nervousness – Horehound, lady’s slipper, motherwort, mugwort, marshmallow, poplar bark, catnip, spearmint, camomile, ginger, peach leaves, vervain, blue cohosh and black cohosh.

Neuralgia – valerian, origanum, skullcap, queen of the meadow, nettle, poplar bark, peppermint, Solomon’s seal, hops, lady’s slipper, twin leaf, motherswort and wood betony.

Obesity – Seawrack, white ash, fennel, Irish moss, chickweed, burdock and sassafras.

Palsy – Prickly ash, lobelia. 1 oz of each mixed an prepared as tea. Add a pinch of cayenne. 1 tablespoon every couple of hours. Other useful herbs include: masterwort, skullcap, vervain, lady’s slipper and black cohosh.

Pancreas Inflammed – Slippery elm enemas.

Parasites – Wormwood

Pimples – Spikenard, valerian, gentian, plantain, bistort root, mixed mustard seed oil & coconut oil.

Plantar Warts – Add mineral rich foods to diet. Banana peel, garlic, castor oil, wormwood leaf (burning of moxa) used with acupuncture needle, cat’s claw, olive leaf extract and reishi mushroom extract.

Poison Ivy – Lobelia, golden seal, myrrh, echinacea, bloodroot and Solomon’s seal. A solution of white oak bark and lime water tea applied by bandage. Keep wet and apply new bandage when dries.

Psoriasis – Sea Buckthorn oil, neem oil, coal & pine tar products, emu oil, and (Psoriasis Free For Life)

Ringworm – Golden seal, lobelia, bloodroot, borage, plantain and sarsaparilla.

Rosacea – Olive Oil Leaf (Oleuropein 20 -25%), Apple Cider Vinegar, Candida Cleanse, Probiotics, wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, green tea, mineral supplement, vitamin D, Oatmeal and (Rosacea Natural Remedy)

Ruptures – Comfrey, giant Solomon’s seal and bistort root.

Scarlet Fever – Cayenne, cleavers, golden seal, pleurisy root, saffron, twinleaf, valerian and red sage.

Sciatica – Rue, wintergreen, broom, burdock and tansy.

Shingles – Garlic and Olive oil mixture. Apply External. Neem capsules. Apple Cider Vinegar Internal and External. L-Lysine 1000 – 2000 mg per day. Propolis Tincture. East foods high in Lysine: such as: Yogurt, Cheese (Especially Parmesan), Milk, Eggs, Apples, Pears, Apricots, Avocados, Spinach, Fresh Pineapple, Green beans, Asparagus. Avoid foods such as: Tomatoes, Wheat Germ,  Brussel Sprouts, Cashews, Grapes, Pumpkin Seeds, Pecans, and Blackberries.

Skin Diseases – Beech, bittersweet, blue violet, buckthorn bark, burdock, chickweed, cleavers, coral, dandelion, elder, golden seal, magnolia, rock rose, saffron, sarsaparilla, sassafras, sorrel, turkey corn, vervain, white clover, wintergreen, bloodroot, pennyroyal, plantain, blue flag, wild Oregon grape, poke root, prince’s pine, hyssop, red root, red clover, spikenard.

Skin Tags – Castor oil applied daily for a few weeks until they disappear.

Sore Throat – Licorice Root, Chicken Soup, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Slippery Elm, Pelargonium Sidoides, Garlic, Peppermint Candy mixed with Lemon Juice from real lemons and heated in water till completely dissolved and made into tea. (Hot Peppermint Lemonade)

Spider Veins – Foods rich in B vitamins.  Cayenne, bilberry, butcher’s broom, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, hawthorn berries and chinese herbs such as: xho yi hua (magnolia flower), huang qin (Baikal skullcap) and bai zhi (wild angelica).

Stroke – Masterwort, black cohosh, hyssop, vervain, blue cohosh, catnip and skullcap

Tonsillitis – Mullein, white pine, echinacea, red root, sage, golden seal, tansy (Prepare strong teas, gargle and swallow at least one mouthful)..

Toothache – Hops, origanum, sassafras (oil of), cloves (oil of), summer savory, balm, broom, marjoram, mullein, pennyroyal, plantain, pimpernel and tansy.

Tooth Decay – Virgin Coconut Oil

Tumors – Blue violet, chickweed, coltsfoot, coral, elder, hops, mugwort, mullein, rock rose, sanicle, skunk cabbage, sorrel, St. John’s-wort, tansy, white oak bark, witch hazel, wood sage, yellow dock, flaxseed, sanicle, celandine. Red root taken internally is beneficial in eliminating tumors.

Vertigo – Ginkgo Biloba, Wood Betony.  The Epley or Half Somersault Maneuver

Varicose Veins – White Oak Bark, witch hazel, bayberry bark, wild alum root, burnet, golden seal & myrrh, hyssop, white cherry bark and yellow dock root.

Vomiting (Prevent or Stop) – Sweet basit, colombo, lobelia (1 teaspoon tea), peach leaves, white poplar bark, clover, spearmint. Give small doses of peppermint and peach leaves. Note: To stop vomiting during pregnancy use equal parts of white poplar bark and clover.

Warts – Buckthorn bark, mullein, celandine and castor oil.

Whooping Cough – Wild cherry bark (tea), red rasberry leaves, cubeb berries, coltsfoot and lobelia.

Worms – Birch, bitterroot, buckbean, buckthorn bark, butternut bark, carrot, camomile, horehound, hyssop, hops, nettle, quassia, rue, sage, self-heal, senna and wormwood.

Wounds or Cuts – Solution of powdered golden seal and myrrh. Inflammation of old wounds as a poultice or wash – wood sage, self-heal, chickweed, slippery elm.

NOTE: Always use common sense and precaution.

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