A Healing Miracle For Burns

A Healing Miracle for Burns Keep in mind this treatment (a healing miracle for burns) is being taught to beginner firefighters. The First Aid for burns consists of first spraying cold water on the affected area of the skin until the heat is reduced which stops the continued burning on all layers of the skin. Then, spread egg whites onto the affected area allowing the egg whites to form a protective layer on the skin. Continue application of layer upon layer of egg whites for at least one hour. The normal skin texture should return  within a few days. The …

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First Aid

First Aid By Richard Romando First aid is emergency care that should be administered to a sick or injured person without any delay. First aid care is provided prior to professional medical care. First aid refers to a sequence of easy, life-saving medical practices that can be carried out by a non-doctor or layman, provided they possess ample knowledge to execute first aid. The main intention of first aid is to reduce the injury and potential disability of the victim. Most people panic in an emergency situation, but even the aid of passers-by can make a huge difference to the …

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