Growing Herbs – Parsley

Growing Herbs – Parsley By Felicity Newsham Parsley is the dried leaves of the hardy biennial (a plant that blooms in its second year) herb Petroselinum crispum (family Umbelliferae). So called because the flower heads of family members look like little umbrellas. Parsley is probably native to South Eastern Europe and is a member of the Carrot family. It’s also one of the oldest recorded herbs and is notably mentioned in two Ancient Greek documents. Parsley is grown in temperate climates throughout the world and is not only easy to grow but also has great ornamental appeal however; sometimes seeds …

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Basil Herbs – A Must For Every Budding Chef

Basil Herbs – A Must For Every Budding Chef By Peter Bourke Are you interested in basil herbs? If you are even considering the possibility of growing your own basil then we are here to tell you, yes, absolutely, do it! Basil herbs come to us from popular Italian and Thai cuisine (especially in curries), though it actually originated in India. The name basil translated means “Sacred Basil” and to some, this is an apt description of a tasty herb. Through the years, basil developed in countries that were known for subtropical weather and temperatures. Today, in the U.S. basil …

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