Healing With Turpentine

Healing With Turpentine Turpentine or terebinth is an essential oil derived from the pine tree that has been used in the past by our ancestors to heal a host of human ailments.The turpentine was usually mixed with a carrier such as olive oil, coconut oil, sugar cubes or honey in various ratios. Known uses from the past include: colitis, bronchitis, gout, spasms, fungal infections, candida, bacterial infections, viral infections, increase urine flow, stop bleeding, migraine headaches, back pain, stomach ulcers, parasites, worms, typhoid, flatulence, epilepsy and dissolving gall stones. Medicinal properties include: Diuretic, antitheumatic, vermifuge, anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal, haemostatic, antiseptic and …

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Herb Uses – Alternative Medicine

Herb Uses – Alternative Medicine, Ornamental, Culinary and Aromatic Gardens By John Charleston When most people think about herb uses they usually can think of only one: in cooking! Definitely one of the best herb uses is in the pot, however this doesn’t have to be the only use. Many herbs have many different properties that people overlook. Many gardeners grow herbs for the simple reason that they are fantastic plants and beautiful to look at. The herbs that are great looking are known as ‘ornamental herbs’ and are often grown in bigger gardens. Of course many ornamental herbs are …

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Wonders Of Medicinal Herbs

Wonders Of Medicinal Herbs By Tim Adam People from different parts of the world know what medicinal herbs are because of their long line of uses. Useful in so many ways, many people are in awe of their wonders. For one, they are good for added flavor and serve as taste enhancers for cooking. The medicinal herbs also have aromatic scents that are used in various relaxation and stress relieving techniques. These though are not the best as a number of herbs are also perfect for use in the medication of various human ailments and diseases. The medicinal property of …

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