Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea Essiac is the reverse spelled name of nurse Rene CAISSE (Caisse spelled backwards results in the name Essiac). In 1922 a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse first discovered this amazing herbal formula when one of the patients in the hospital where she worked was cured of cancer. The patient had received the herbal preparation from a Canadian Ojibway Indian herbalist. She began to experiment with the 4-Herb formula and found it to be very effective in helping many ailments including cancer. Her results were so positive that the government of Canada became involved and by 1938 Essiac tea …

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Preparing An Herbal Infusion

Preparing An Herbal Infusion Generally speaking, preparing an herbal infusion consists of a specific amount of dried herb (dried works best) that is brewed and allowed to steep. An herbal infusion starts with gathering the dried herbs necessary such as the leaves, flowers, fruits, roots or bark. About one ounce of dried herb is placed in a container filled with boiling water and allowed to steep. Aluminum and glass containers are not recommended due to metal contamination and the possibility of glass breakage. A proper quantity of tea (usually a cup) can be consumed immediately after preparing the herbal infusion …

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Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea Health Benefits? by Admin To experience green tea health benefits one must first make a good quality selection from the various teas available in your area and carefully prepare the tea for your enjoyment. It can be said that nutrition is the foundation for most health issues and green tea is a great tea to enjoy separately or with any healthy meal. The real value comes from the fact that our body needs oxygen combined the nutrition but the oxygen which is essential for our survival is also an oxidizer. Oxidation occurs when a cell loses an outer …

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