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Catnipby Admin

Nepeta Cataria or catnip as it is commonly called is an herb that belongs to the mint family. Herbs of this family have a distinctive taste and aroma. Square stems and light pink flowers are a characteristic of the herb. Catnip herb originated in Europe and slowly spread to America and other countries. It is one of the oldest remedies as any herbalist or cat lover can attest to.

Used for relief of convulsions, fever, spasms, gas pain and expelling worms in infants and  children. Use the tea as an enema for children to soothe and quieten and will often relieve headaches. Used properly can save mothers from sleepless night and numerous doctor visits. The herb is also used to restore healthy menstruation.  Catnip is a harmless herb and can be taken freely adding honey for tast if you prefer. In preparing catnip tea it is important to remember never Boil the Water!

Other common names include: Catmint, catrup, cat’s wort, field balm.

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