First Aid

First Aid ImageFirst Aid

By Richard Romando

First aid is emergency care that should be administered to a sick or injured person without any delay. First aid care is provided prior to professional medical care. First aid refers to a sequence of easy, life-saving medical practices that can be carried out by a non-doctor or layman, provided they possess ample knowledge to execute first aid. The main intention of first aid is to reduce the injury and potential disability of the victim. Most people panic in an emergency situation, but even the aid of passers-by can make a huge difference to the condition of an injured person in such a situation. In severe cases, first aid may be essential to save the life of the injured person.

Proper first aid for the body can significantly minimize the risk of a minor injury from becoming much worse. First aid treatment can be carried out by the victim himself in certain cases, or by a bystander. Merely providing first aid to an injured victim is not sufficient in an emergency situation. After providing first aid, apt evaluation and monitoring of the injury is crucial to prevent further complications. Proper medical care or the services of a physician should be made available as quickly as possible.

First aid treatments can be useful for a variety of conditions including heart attacks, cuts and abrasions, eye injuries, burns, bleeding, choking, poisoning, electrocution and bites and stings. Other instances where first aid treatments can be provided are road side accidents, accidents or illness at home or work place and those during sports events. There are certain factors to be kept in mind while providing first aid. It is not advisable to approach a casualty unless it is a recognized, safe place. An injured person should not be moved except on occasions when it is unsafe to leave the victim in the present location.

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