Green Tea Health Benefits

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To experience green tea health benefits one must first make a good quality selection from the various teas available in your area and carefully prepare the tea for your enjoyment.

It can be said that nutrition is the foundation for most health issues and green tea is a great tea to enjoy separately or with any healthy meal. The real value comes from the fact that our body needs oxygen combined the nutrition but the oxygen which is essential for our survival is also an oxidizer.

Oxidation occurs when a cell loses an outer charge called an electron and seeks out another electron to become balanced or whole again. Cells that are roaming and seeking an electron are called free radicals. The rate at which this process of losing an electron occurs is called oxidation. An good example of oxidation is the rusting of metal.

How do we slow down the oxidation or aging process in the body? You guessed it, drink green tea. A good many bioactive compounds found in the green tea leaf make it into the brewed tea, which contains large amounts of important nutrients. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants

Preparing a good quality tea requires less heat and minimum steeping. Generally, a couple of tablespoons of green will suffice. Many diseases like cancer, arthritis, infection and heart problems occur due to cell oxidation in the body, so drinking a daily cup or two to introduce antioxidants is a great way to experience green tea health benefits and offset the aging process.

Here’s to your health…Enjoy!

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