Grier’s Almanac

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Griers AlmanacA favorite read of mine is the Grier’s Almanac which has been publishing since 1807. The almanac is a regional publication distributed throughout the South.These little paperback contains a wealth of information about farming and gardening . It’s a complete garden guide & planting calendar. You’ll find great information on family living too including cooking, fishing, hunting and more. The twelve month calendar section includes both astronomical and astrological information, chronological events, weather forecasts, and other goodies.

You can easily get a copy easy just by asking for it at your local feed store or other similar general stores. Farmers of today and in the years past relied upon the Grier’s Almanac to determine the best time to plant their crops. You’ll find the Grier’s Almanac history of over 200 years in print a great resource of entertaining facts well worth reading.

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