Growing A Garden – Gardening Trends

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by Jan Love

A trend can be like fashion. This year’s “in” color can be next year’s charity shop special.

Trends can sometimes have more substance, like the classic litte black dress, that never goes out of style.

As folk are spending more time at home we’re beginning to see the re- emergence of trends such as home baking and making our own preserves.

It’s easy to see this trend has had a flow on effect into gardening. Having your own fruit and vegetable garden has become so popular even Michelle Obama is doing it! The White House now has a food garden, something that hasn’t happened in more that five decades!

As people are spending more time actually “living” in their homes and sections another facet of “nurturing” has come to light – the landscape around the section. A short time ago people were very “now” driven and looked for “quick fixes” and static designs. This was probably due to the need to see immediate results since the assumption was that the house would be sold in a few years.

People were also doing a lot of travel and other away from home activities, so they wanted a ready made, plant and walk away garden. These days people are spending more time actually living in their homes and they’re starting to see gardening as an activity not just a piece of art on the wall.

They’re experimenting with fresh things, learning from their good and bad experiences and are coming to accept a more long-term return for their efforts. In doing so, they’re coming to accept a more long term return for their efforts.

As a result of this more “nurturing gardening” approach, people are starting to see that their “quick fix” planting escapades of prior years have unfortunately been over planted and may now have to be ripped up. For instance, it may look good “right now” to plant a bunch of flaxes close together, however give it a few months and once they start to grow they will begin to look unruly and un kept. They’ll eventually have to be pulled out. You should plant a garden thinking of what it will grow into, not what it looks like immediately.

The most imperative thing is designing a landscape to suit the owners style. It’s also beneficial to get the owners involved in their own gardens.

If you’re deciding whether to start improving your garden there’s no better time to start than now. As a side note, make sure you get good advice from a reputable garden center or nursery, these people work with, care for and love plants day in day out, you won’t get any more qualified advice from anywhere else.

Get stuck in today – Growing your own garden is so rewarding!

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