Remedies For Yeast Infections

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Yeast infections can be cured and symptoms alleviated. Listed below are a collection of natural ingredients for yeast infections that can help you cope with the symptoms while working towards a cure.

1. Garlic: It can help in killing harmful bacteria. Using garlic orally or by direct application can be effective.

2. Cranberries: A natural and effective home remedies for yeast infections. Cranberries helps clear the toxins of the body.

3. Aloe Vera: Apply soothing aloe vera gel or juice to the affected parts for relief from the irritation and redness.

4. Yogurt:  Yogurt can be applied directly to the affected parts.

5. Boric Acid: Direct application will kill the yeast and provide a complete relief.

6. Tea Tree Oil: Apply the oil directly to the not too sensitive affected parts.

7. Vinegar: Relax and take a bath in a mixture of vinegar mixed with salt.

8. Orangeroot: Mix orangeroot with yogurt and then apply it to the affected parts.

A nutrient rich low carb diet is also recommended.

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