Remedy For Blackberry Thumb

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There is a new technological ailment in our modern computer world. This new disorder called ‘Blackberry Thumb’ is directly related to the use of electronic devices such as the Blackberry phone.  The Blackberry were designed to make life more efficient by being able to text an email anytime to anyone by typing with your thumb. Unfortunately,  our thumbs not were designed for typing but rather were designed for grabbing to hold onto objects. Blackberry Thumb is not new, just an outgrowth of the computer age. If the Blackberry Thumb inflammation condition is not treated early on it can lead to long-term problems and eventually arthritis.

Our technological advances have brought about a new generation of people suffering from inflammatory disorders like those brought on by texting. Fortunately inflammation can be treated naturally without all of the toxic side effects from medications. Listed below are some methods and  home remedies to reduce inflammation and therefore stop blackberry thumb naturally.

  •  Diet- Reduce your consumption of  foods that contain high levels of trans-fatty acids or saturated fats and other inflammatory foods such as high sugar foods , alcohol, cooking oils,  refined carbohydrates, dairy products, processed meat, artificial food additives and wheat grain products.
  •  Fish Oil – Omega 3’s in fish oil lower inflammation in the body. Make sure that it has been tested for heavy metals, pesticides and dioxins.
  •  Ginger- Drink ginger tea everyday for the taste, but ginger is amazing for its ability to decrease pain, inflammation and swelling.
  •  Boswellia- An ayurvedic herb has been used for arthritis, pain and even inflammatory disorders of the colon.
  •  Devil’s Claw Herb – This herb often works best in “combination” with other herbs such as ginger, Boswellia and even green tea.
  •  Common Sense – Give you body or thumb some rest. Apply ice packs when painful. Soak or massage the affected area.

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