Remove Your Own Moles

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No one like unsightly moles, but believe it or not, there is a simple natural way to remove your own moles. Unlike traditional medical treatments, the natural method is usually permanent and never leaves you with any possible scarring.

There are two natural herbs that can accomplish this task.

The first herb you’ll want to consider for mole removal is garlic. Simply peel and crush a fresh garlic clove into a paste and apply to the desired area overnight.

The second herb you’ll want to consider for mole removal is bloodroot. Bloodroot can usually be found in most health food stores as an oil. Simply apply bloodroot oil over the desired area (overnight) as needed for several weeks untile the mole is no longer visible.

Bloodroot is also very effective at removing warts or skin tags.

Keep in mind that not all natural remedies work to remove your own moles in all persons, but the majority have found great success using these two herbs and simple methods outlined.

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