What Does A Weed Seed Shop Look Like

Weed Seed ShopWhat Does A Weed Shop Look Like?

By Sam Qam

Cannabis seeds in the last decade have grown enormously popular on the mass market. There are now countless website from which you can buy every single possible type of seed and other merchandise connected with them. Every new seed strain released is greeted to some extent, like a new Apple product: with frenetic passion. But this is just online…Did you know that there are tons of actual physical shops where you can browse and buy cannabis seeds? Well now you do…Where Are They?You will find them popping up in cities around the world, but they are quite often shut down for one reason or another so you have to be quick. The only places where there are permanent legal places to buy cannabis seeds is in towns where cannabis is legal. This is also because it is easier in these places to grow cannabis, which means that more people are likely to do so and will all be looking for somewhere to buy legitimate genuine weed seeds. (Quite predictably) Amsterdam is one such city and around its Red Light district, there are dozens of seed shops owned by the top breeders and labels in the industry. What Do They Look Like?Well to be perfectly honest they are not that exciting. Most of them don’t actually have big sacks of seeds kicking around. Instead they have lots of pictures on their walls showing images of all the different varieties, perhaps with a couple of the seeds in a plastic case for you to see. You then just have to go to the (normally very attractive) person behind the counter and tell them what you want. They get your order from ‘the back’ and hey presto you have your seeds. What Else Do They Sell?Aside from seeds, seed shops might sell cannabis culture merchandise; from marijuana leaf emblazoned clothing and smoking equipment, to rolling papers, bongs and literature. They are also normally full of flyers from local bands, events and political rallies. These shops are also excellent sources of information. You can ask the counter staff all sorts of questions about cannabis and its various uses and they are always happy to help. They will also be able to tell you which seeds are best for what and point out their personal favorites. So now you know what to expect, do you think you will be popping into a weed seeds shop and purchasing cannabis seed any time soon?

About the Author

Sam Qam is a cannabis seed collector. He loves weed seeds with a passion and plans to open his own seed shop in a couple of years.

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