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Yarrow Herbby Admin

Yarrow or (Achillea millefolium) is an erect herbaceous perennial plant that is part of the  Asteraceae plant family. It is a flowering plant that grows well in the temperate climates of Northern Asia, Europe, and North America.  It’s growth usually produces from one to several stems that can grow up to about 3.5 feet. The leaves are arranged spirally on the stem and are somewhat hairy and the yielding flowers are generally white or pink in color.

Yarrow is well known historically for it’s use in stopping the flow of blood from a soldier’s wound.

Medicinal properties include: Astringent, tonic, alterative, diuretic, vulnerary, diaphoretic.

Yarrow is excellent for hemorrhages and bleeding from the lungs. Yarrow taken readily at the beginning of a cold usually results in a break-up within 24 hours. A good remedy for fevers when consumed hot. Old wounds, ulcers and fistulas can be treated with yarrow by preparing an ointment. A very useful herb for measles, smallpox, and chicken pox and diabetes and bright’s disease.

Usually one ounce is steeped for 30 minutes and 1 cup is consumed 1 hour before meals and at bedtime.

Other common names include: Milfoil, noble yarrow, nosebleed, millefolium, ladies’ mantle, thousand leaf, old man’s pepper, thousand seal, soldier’s woundwort, snake’s grass, yarroway, stanchweed, yerw, arrowroot, field hops and gearwe.

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